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The phrase Self-Build is often associated with the construction of a new house, when in fact the majority of Self-Builds are actually works to existing homes.

Many homeowners project manage, or even carry out the works themselves. Whether they need an estimate to compare with builders quotes, or quantify materials, or to raise finance, we can help.

You will find our costs are surprisingly affordable: a loft conversion costs £90 + VAT: View Pricelist

We created the industry's benchmark database of labour and materials. Our data is compiled from over 30,000 builders, who use our services. The data is updated daily. This enables us to accurately price jobs by postcode.

How to use the service

The service will enable you to provide your clients with a detailed labour and materials estimate, based on your drawings, for any domestic extension, conversion, refurbishment or new-build dwelling.

To use the service, please provide;

  • Existing and proposed floor plans
  • Existing and proposed elevation drawings
  • Any other project information

We accept drawings as Adobe pdf files. All drawings should be to a recognised metric scale: for example, 1:50 or 1:100.
Note: Adobe pdf files must be created in the size intended for printing.

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